About SquareStorage

We pride ourselves on our market expertise, our investment discipline, and a steadfast commitment to place the interests of our clients and partners first.

Investment Objective: The Retail Apocalypse

With the retail apocalypse in full swing, over 100 million square feet of retail space becoming empty. Our investment target is acquiring value add and core plus self storage, dark retail centers, and light industrial buildings at below replacement value, and creating and quick lift in the value of our properties. We add value by the reuse and repositioning of the properties. By altering the tenant mix, back filling the dark big box space with self-storage, changing the exteriors to today’s standards and adding a retail facade, plus the development of out-parcels, we reduce the risk to our to our investors in any changing real estate environment.

Square Storage is capable of implementing difficult re-positioning plans and creatively maximizing financing options in the capital markets. We are actively seeking self-storage facilities, retail power centers with a dark big box, and light industrial buildings suited for storage.

Our Mission

Governed by our Investment Philosophy, Square Storage mission is to foster long-term relationships with our investors and partners by identifying and acquiring opportunities that meet our strict, disciplined investment criteria established to optimize yield, return and risk, and to provide superior returns through best-in-class service and performance.